The Simple Science Behind Replenishing Your Wellness

Posted by Emily Adams on Dec 13th 2019

A lot of us spend countless hours a month seeking out the answers and sorting out the truth to true longevity and the secrets to slowing down the aging process. One day you may come across an article that is going viral because it seems to be believable and catchy. Although, a few months later you discover that it was just assumptions and opinions that lacked scientific facts and reliable sources.

Nonetheless, there are reliable resources that will provide you with the scientific facts and be just as catchy to read yet accompany you with informative truth.

Mitochondria is not talked about daily as it should be, but it actually is one of the most powerful aspects of our human body that can help us or hurt us depending on how we take care of it. Mitochondria are known as the “food energy extractors,” and it renews the body restoring energy and vigor.

Let’s dive a little deeper into this. Healthy mitochondria is in every living cell, and it enables the body to perform significant restorative functions. The true purpose of mitochondria is to produce cellular respiration. To add, it takes in nutrients from the cell, breaks it down, and converts it into energy. This energy is then, in turn used by the cell to carry out various functions.

You may be wondering, well, what does this have to do with slowing down my aging process and gaining longevity?

Through the hustle and bustle of living our busy lives and for each birthday that passes, we are slowly declining in our mitochondria. Although it is part of life’s process, we are now in a time where you can discover the solutions to this decline right here and now.

All of us have felt our own pain points in giving different products a try, but maybe later realizing down the road that it was just a catchy product and the sales-person had a great persuasive technique that you fell in love with. Possibly after experiencing those bumps in the road, you’re set on only believing it if it has the evidence, the facts, and the bona fide proof in the pudding.

From the environmental influences on humanity to the complex science of our bodies; Dr. J.W. Petermann has been a scientist for over 40 years and is always in motion with establishing a solution to starting a new specific focus of work. Jerry is also a Naturopathic Doctor who has spent years analyzing and discovering the truth in what is vital to help people live their best life in the easiest and most effective ways.

Ready for a fresh start? Renewed Mitochondrial supplies your body the energy to rebuild and replenish what life has worn down. Essentially it is the nutrition for healing from within and makes every vitamin and supplement you take more useful. This supplement provides over 2,300 mg’s per day, is the recommended regimen, and it has a handful of specific duties to do!

Mitochondrial supplement (Time Challenger) that Jerry has developed over the past 16 years, truly restores mitochondria that you may have lost over the years, even if you’re as young as twenty-five years old. Since mitochondria processes food into energy essentially; it is no wonder why we need to make sure we are replenishing our mitochondria every single day. Your body will thank you if you’re taking this supplement regularly...weeks, months, and years to pass. Jerry has noticed that people see the most results if they take it regularly, which is no surprise since your body will start adapting and rebuilding at a more efficient pace.

Major medical university research teams spent years studying anti-aging research. Time Challenger was the very first nationwide supplement based on those studies. To add, organically using the most concentrated formulas and finest ingredients, this is a simple yet powerful solution to longevity.

How exactly does restoring your mitochondria benefit your body? Well, let’s dive in.

Restoring these specific systems will energize you at a cellular level which will also naturally improve your cognitive awareness. This gem will also lower your joint inflammation and lower your blood pressure. Work out regularly? Athlete? Yogi? Then you’ll be pleased to know that it will give you faster recovery time and promote more elastic skin and tendons.

Do you still want to look great ten or twenty years from now? Wait, why not even better than ever?

Over time if you regularly replenish your mitochondria (i.e with Time Challenger,) you’ll start to detect certain amazing things. You will begin to notice your skin is tighter and more elastic thanks to the flow of your healthy cellular system working hand in hand with the right amount of mitochondria you now have. Your body will also thank you because your tendons won’t feel stiff or fragile! Before you know it you’ll be ready to run out your door whenever you feel like it without those old friends named hesitation or procrastination knocking at your door.

You might be wondering well what about weight gain? Surgeries? More hurdles?

Do you find yourself not being able to know if you’re still hungry, thirsty or just not sure? Our minds can play tricks on us sometimes, and statistics even say that we often get hunger mixed up with thirst. Nonetheless, if your mitochondria are immediately recycling your food into energy, then you will feel the difference. What a wonderful world it could be, right?

That my friend is how Renewed Mitochondria (Time Challenger) promotes weight control. Simply put, you will be able to feel your body turn food into energy right away! Therefore, leaving you less hungry, more satisfied and energized for the next task you have to do. Whether you just ate a greasy cheeseburger or light salad, your body won’t struggle to turn that food into energy since your newly abundant mitochondria are now your new best friends.

As you already know, all your body’s systems work together like one factory although they have different tasks. When a person experiences surgery and needs to recover at a fairly decent pace, their cellular system’s health will determine that the most. Mitochondria will be the champion in this case for replenishing, healing, and balancing out your cellular system and energizing you once again.

Lastly, take advantage now by giving your body the excellent nutrition for your Mitochondria and let it do all the work for you.

Just breathe and let yourself have “peace of mind” knowing that your body is maintaining itself, keeping doors open for longevity, and reducing signs of aging.